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why medscan?


About Chairman  


Doctor Fawzy Bebawy is an Egyptian Citizen residing in Cairo, Egypt.

He is holding a degree M.B.B.Ch from faculty of Medicine, Assiut University.

He worked for Amoun Pharmaceuticals for 4 years holding the title of Regulatory affairs Manager.

Also he worked for ABI/Glaxo for 7 years as H.R.A. Manager and Export Manager.

Another experience for Fawzy Bebawy was at Glaxo welcome for 16 years holding the degree of scientific office Manager  & H.R.A. and Export Manager.

Fawzy has attend courses on selling skills, coaching, marketing seminar, and Management skills, Export Management, Forecasting and Finance for Non-financial Managers.

His areas of interest are international H.R.A., Export, Marketing and Tender business.

He was a lecturer in faculty of pharmaceutical industry (Sudan) and International trading (USA).



         To be the most accurate diagnostic center with a spirit of benevolence.


         -We are providing high quality services with the most advanced technology.

         -We are introducing accurate and rapid results for patients and doctors.

         -Our crew is working as a family to achieve our goal to be the most accurate diagnostic center contains a fast growing chain in future.


        patient centric:

          “The patient is at the center of everything we do”

 We focus on patient satisfaction by helping him to reach accurate and rapid diagnosis to enhance his cure


           “We committed to what we say & we are accountable for what we do”

We foster a family oriented work environment founded on trust, honesty, transparency with open communication & fair dealing 

We are striving for excellence.


           “We value people as our greatest resource”

We value each other &treat others as we want to be treated. 

We respect our patients, employees, suppliers.

Also respect environment, duty to society & law 


           “We work together to make a distinguish difference”

To work effectively with each other to achieve our goals we maintain a positive attitude.


           “To deliver accuracy and agility in all our actions”

We are personally responsible for our actions &the success of our business will be enhanced by the continuous development of our skills, knowledge & technology To provide the most accurate and rapid diagnostic service.


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